Smart phones and shopping

four young people sit on brick steps. Three of them are looking at smartphones. There are three young men and one young woman. It looks like summer as the men are wearing shorts.Smartphones are now the device of choice. The video below shows how to present products for sale in a format suitable for smartphones and fast scrolling viewers. eBay sellers should note. 

Taking a simple photo, or pack-shot of the product rarely gives enough information for purchasers on a small screen. The first part of the video gives the answer to the question above. At about ten minutes into the video, Sam Waller explains all the reasoning behind the design of product pictures to give information clearly and quickly. Good for selling and good for buying – inclusive thinking.

The thinking behind the designs could be applied to any type of product or service. It makes the information easy to access on a small screen – the device of choice for so many of us. Research is showing we are gravitating to the smartphone in greater numbers and leaving the computer screen behind. 

Sam Waller is with the Engineering Design Centre at the University of Cambridge and has done extensive research with Unilever on this project. The EDC is also the home of the Inclusive Design Group and the Inclusive Design Toolkit.

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