UD Goals, Principles and Explanations

a series of black icons on white background depicting people of all shapes and sizes, including a baby in a stroller, a person with a can and a wheelchair user. Goals, principles and explanations of UD.The 7 Principles of Universal Design are often quoted and used in both academic and practical publications. The 8 Goals of Universal Design build on the 7 Principles to make them more practical. Universal Design is about accepting and celebrating diversity. So there are many ways to explain universal design. 

This short video about universal design is powerful in its simplicity. One of the best explanations around. Great for introducing the idea of inclusion and universal design to newcomers. A good example of a universally designed video and universally designed explanation as well.

From the pixel to the city

Whether it’s a website or app, or a building or city, inclusive design principles can be applied. Inclusive Design: from the pixel to the city features conversations with leading A grey picture of the earth with raised areas symbolising citiesdesigners creating the next generation of products, graphics and vehicles designed to work better for everyone.

The article includes a video of designers’ comments, using animated drawings with voice overs. This adds an interesting perspective to the topic of why we need to make everything inclusive – whether its about pixels or cities. It also shows that creativity need not be curtailed in designing information formats. The article also shows how the graphics for the video were created. The video has closed captions.