Universal Design: 5 ways to improve our cities

Auckland city skyline. Universal design - 5 ways to improve our cities.
Auckland city skyline

Richard Voss writes in Linked In about the necessity to take a universal design approach to urban design and infrastructure. More people will be living longer and potentially living longer with some type of disability or health issue. He poses 5 ways to improve our cities with a universal design approach. Voss explains in his article, Universal Design: 5 ways to improve accessibility in cities

Voss discusses the following points:

    1. Incentivise future proofing in accessibility 
    2. Realise that we all need inclusive design
    3. Combine common sense with building codes
    4. Create a new innovation industry around accessibility
    5. Set achievable target for each development sector

Voss concludes, “In my view the industry is well placed to tackle the Universal Design challenges ahead if we base our designs on the projected demographic. Often Universal Design principles can be included at no extra cost, if implemented early in the design process. If we act collectively as practitioners, researchers and legislators, then we will have diverse and integrated patterns of living in our cities.”

Editor’s Comment: Nice sentiments, which have been discussed time and again by UD converts, but we still see little change when in comes to thinking and designing for our future selves. Also note the interchangeable use of universal design, inclusive design and accessibility.