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The aim of universalising design is to create a more inclusive world. The principles of Universal Design are being implemented internationally to bring about about a wholesale change in design thinking throughout the design process so that all people are considered regardless of age, capability, or background.

Universal design is a design concept not a design product. The principles of universal design can be applied to concrete things like products, buildings and open spaces, to intellectual activities such as designing learning programs, and to conceptual things such as policies and practices. Universal design is also part of conversations about sustainability, resilience, health and wellbeing. For more on this concept go to the What is Universal Design? page to see the many aspects of universal design or choose one of the topics on the left hand menu.

You can find out more about the Centre for Universal Design Australia and how you can support the Centre, and also how to become a member from the About Us page.

Email: udaustralia@gmail.com