Seniors housing or housing for everyone?

Row of two storey houses, box shape, painted deep blue with white square windows and white bargeboardsI was delighted to be asked to make a presentation at Waverley Council’s seminar and workshop last week, Living Local, Staying Connected. My task was to cover the development, content and status of the Livable Housing Design Guidelines.

Other speakers were Professor Bruce Judd who gave a comprehensive overview of his research with older people and their housing preferences. In the process he debunked the myth of downsizing being “the thing older people should do”. Architect Guy Luscombe presented the findings from his travelling scholarship in Europe and gave everyone some new ideas about design preferences – windows and natural light coming to the top of the list.

Joel Elbourne and Shawn Neilson from Banyule City Council (Melbourne) gave an update on the progress of their Liveable Design Guidelines and the work they have been doing with developers. Also from Melbourne, Jeremy McLeod told us the very interesting story of the Nightingale Project – showing what can be achieved through new ways of thinking in terms of property development and building design to achieve sustainable and affordable housing. You can download the following presentations:

Livable Housing Design Guidelines: A new way of thinking or more of the same?

Guy Luscombe’s report on the NANA Project  

Joel and Shawn’s Australian Universal Design Conference presentation,

A similar presentation by Bruce Judd An Ageing City – Are we prepared? (UNSW Utzon Lecture)

Jane Bringolf, Editor.