Age Friendly Checklist

four women using wheelie walkers are crossing the road in single file.While working on the Liveable Communities project at COTA NSW, I analysed several guides on creating liveable and healthy places and spaces. I also checked out the WHO Age Friendly Cities and Communities publications. The aim of the analysis was to find features of particular value to older Australians and distill these into a consumable take-home format for local government staff. The result came down to five key points: footpaths, seating, lighting, wayfinding and toilets. To keep it simple, each of the points were explained in a handout – what to do and what to avoid. 

You can read more about this project on the COTA NSW website and download other documents that relate to the workshop kit for local government. The kit can be downloaded in one document or in sections.  Jane Bringolf, Editor.