Inclusive Design Toolkit turns 10

five members of the inclusive design group stand behind a table with the toolkit displayed. Each person is holding a card with a word. The words spell out 10 years inclusive design toolkit.The Inclusive Design Toolkit has proved to be an invaluable tool for designers. It’s received a revamp for its tenth birthday.  Also updated is the exclusion calculator which gives a great guide to how many potential users might be excluded from a design. The news bulletin from the Engineering Design Centre that produces the Toolkit and other resources has information on:

    • The tenth anniversary of the Inclusive Design Toolkit and what has been achieved in that time.
    • New exclusion calculator for better assessment for vision and dexterity.
    • E-commerce image guidelines for mobile phone viewing.
    • Impairment simulator software for vision and hearing is now very handy for showing how vision impairments look and sound.

Cover of the book Inclusive design toolkitThe Engineering Design Centre has made great progress in inclusive design. It began with funding to work with business and commerce to show the business benefits of including as many people as possible in the design. The design team continue to break new ground keeping users at the centre of the process

The picture above shows left to right: Joy Goodman-Deane, Sam Waller, Mike Bradley, Ian Hosking, and John Clarkson.

Two gadgets to help designers, gloves and glasses, are now available. Using a pack of Post-it Notes as an example Sam Waller demonstrates in the video below how many people will find it impossible to remove the cellophane wrapping. A good case of including people with low vision and/or arthritis is good for everyone and increases market size.