Inclusive Hotels: A guide

Hotel bedroom with polished floors, orange and red pillows on a couch and textured wallpaperThe Inclusive Hotels Network has published a guide for including people with hearing loss. The guide includes the business case, customer profiles, fixtures and fittings, technology, customer service and management systems. It also has a section on the different terms and types of hearing loss. The experiences people who are deaf or hard of hearing have in day to day life are also covered. And this includes hotel employees as well as guests. Many of the design suggestions seem to be common sense when they are drawn to our attention, and they are often simple minor but important details. However, guides such as these are needed to spell out this “common sense”. An excellent and easy to read resource.

Similarly to Australia, one in six people in the UK have hearing loss and almost half are of working age, so it is not just about older age.

More resources can be found on the Centre for Accessible Environments (UK) website.