Intergenerational Shared Spaces in the UK context

book cover intergenerational spaceThis book chapter by Julie Melville and Alan Hatton-Yeo discusses how the generations are separated by life activities and dwelling places. However, interaction between generations, particularly younger and older people, is considered beneficial for individuals and society as a whole. The chapter discusses the benefits and includes the concern that the design of the built environment is not conducive to sharing spaces across the generations. The WHO Age Friendly Cities and Communities program, which is underpinned by universal design, is starting to take off in Europe and this is discussed further as a means of bringing the generations together.While this book is not specifically about universal design, it is about inclusive practice and social inclusion.

Download the chapter here

Or go Google Books for the full book, Intergenerational Space, edited by Robert M Vanderbeck and Nancy Worth.

See also a short documentary on young people and cyber seniors.