Through a lens for inclusion

A magnifying glass is held over a grid montage of human facesEveryone has a bias. Recognising biases in your outlook is the key to countering them in the design process. Airbnb Design partnered with journalists from News Deeply and came up with a toolkit for designers. Another Lens is a research tool for conscientious creatives. “We believe that both designers and journalists have the responsibility to shine a light on their bias by asking the right questions, seeking conflicting viewpoints, and expanding their lens to build inclusive, global solutions”.  Three principles underpin the thinking process: balance your bias, consider the opposite and embrace a growth mindset. All good principles for universal design thinking. The website tool is simple to use and poses critical questions and provides the thinking behind it. You can find out more on the development of this tool from the Fastcodesign website article.

Editor’s note: I sense a reflection of Edward de Bono in this toolkit – good to see the skill of lateral thinking presented in a digital format.