Transportation and wheeled mobility devices

picture of a woman on a mobility scooter trying to get under a barrier constructed to prevent vehicles and bicycles from entering the pathThe Danish Building Research Institute has produced a guide to the circulation requirements for various wheeled mobility devices. Most interesting in this guide is the inclusion of research on the spatial needs for parking. The guide includes other built environment infrastructure such as toilets and building entries as well as accessible paths of travel. Charts with dimensions of the various mobility types is included and includes tables for children and the bariatric population. The guide also discusses the need to think to the future of mobility devices and not assume that the size and styles will remain the same. However, it is yet another guide that focuses on people aged 18 to 65 years within the normal Body Mass Index size. Older people and children are once again left out of the analysis, which is a pity because children and older people will soon form the greater part of the population of many industrialised nations.