UD, social sustainability and interior design

Icons for accessibility .An article focused on the social dimension of sustainability argues that universal design is the way to go. It argues that there are promising results for a better future for social sustainability. In doing so, it presents universal design in all its formats in a clear and informed way. The way in which universal design is presented and discussed has a particular clarity. For example, 

“Universal design is always accessible, but because it integrates accessibility from the beginning of the design process, it is less likely to be noticeable. Universal design sometimes employs adaptable strategies for achieving customization, but it is best when all choices are presented equally. Some universal design is transgenerational, but the approach is inclusive of more than just age-related disabilities. Universal design is sometimes adaptable and sometimes transgenerational but always accessible. Universal design, adaptable design, and transgenerational design are all subsets of accessible design. Sometimes a design can be considered to be two of these subsets, and some designs are all three. Not all accessible design is universal. Universal design is the most inclusive and least stigmatizing of the three types of accessible design because it addresses all types of human variation and accessibility is integrated into design solutions.”

The conclusion of the paper is, “The students in all schools of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban design should become aware of the values, concepts and philosophy of universal design at every level of their education program, beginning from the early stages of design education to the graduate and also post-graduate level. Use techniques to create the understanding and demand of Universal Design concepts by educating the politicians of the need to create environments that encourage independence.”

The title of the article is Appying Universal Design concept in interior design to reinforce the Social dimension of sustainability.  While the explanations of universal design are clear, the paper enters into technical areas that are not so easy to read. There are photos to illustrate points.