Universal Design the Singapore way

Front cover of the Universal Design Guide for Singapore.The Singapore Government is committed to universal design throughout its building code. The Building and Construction Authority’s Universal Design Guide for Public Places was developed under Singapore’s Successful Ageing project. You can download each chapter separately from the website:

    1. Introduction to user needs
    2. Arriving at the building
    3. Access around and within the building
    4. Sanitary facilities
    5. Wayfinding and information systems
    6. Facilities and elements within the building
    7. Family-friendly facilities

Chapters cover public transport buildings, eating outlets, supermarkets and retail outlets, parks and open spaces, and community clubs. There is also the Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment.

The Universal Design Guidelines for commercial buildings is presented clearly with many illustrations and drawings. This is a comprehensive guide that goes beyond basic accessibility requirements of previous guidelines. Access consultants can compare this document with the Australian Access to Premises Standard. 

Singapore is keen to progress universal design, and the Building and Construction Authority heads up their webpage with an encouraging title – “Friendly Built Environment”. 

Guide to Universal Design index (UDi) 2022

The UDi guide assists architects, designers and building owners understand the framework, procedures and applicability of the UDi. The guide provides explanatory notes and photo examples to enhance awareness and understanding of the listed user-friendly features in the UDi checklist.


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