Accessible websites need accessible content

Close up view of a web page where content can be added. Accessible websites need accessible content. We rely on trained professionals to develop websites and social media – they are the experts. But small business owners create their own websites using platforms such as WordPress. So, as our lives transition to digital formats it’s important to know some digital accessibility basics. Creating accessible websites is the first step. But accessible websites need accessible content too. If your Word or PDF documents end up on a website, will they be accessible?  

The ICT Quicksheets are designed for developers, but some of these are useful for anyone creating digital content. Gregg Vanderheiden from the Trace R&D Center has also developed an Accessibility Masterlist which has more detail on accessible digital design. The Masterlist acts as both information and a checklist for developers and others.

The Masterlist is helpful for anyone engaging a web designer because it shows what needs to be considered.  Most web designers know about web accessibility and say they will meet the standards. However, standards are a minimum and tend to get tacked on at the end. Not the best solution – better to be integrated to avoid digital clunkiness. 

Some Quicksheets

Here are some of the 33 Trace R&D Center Quicksheets that summarise information:

Accessibility Toolbar