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Newsletter Advertising: The Board of Directors have decided that one post per newsletter can be made available for advertising. The cost is $55.00 for CUDA members and $110.00 for non-members. Advertising content should be relevant to universal design and inclusive practice.  Contact the Editor for more information by email:

Membership Types: Membership is a tangible way you can support the work of CUDA. 

  • Individual Membership is $33.00 for the financial year.
  • Liftetime Individual Membership is $110.00 so that you only sign up once and no need to renew each year. 
  • Corporate Membership is $220.00 for up to ten staff. 

All members are eligible to use the CUDA logo on their digital stationery. Members also receive preferred rates for any CUDA events and learning programs. 

You can download the full Member and Supporter Update with extra detail.

Advertising Space in this Newsletter

A red star button with "new" on it and three gold stars.Accepting some advertising in the newsletter is one way of helping to fund the costs of providing the newsletter. It keeps it open to all.

We will accept one advertising post per newsletter with content relevant to universal design and inclusive practice. The format of the advertising will be similar to other posts. Links to external websites or flyers can also be included.

The cost of advertising is $55.00 (inc GST) for CUDA members and $110.00 (inc GST) for non-members. The Editor retains discretion regarding content in terms of relevance to CUDA’s aims. Examples of content that would be considered suitable are events, products and consultancy services. Contact the Editor for more information by email:

Become a member!

Show your support for Centre for Universal Design Australia and the cause of social and economic inclusion by becoming a member.  Your membership contribution will help show the widespread support and interest in Universal Design that exists across Australia and globally. It will also support us to maintain the website and regular newsletters. Join now and you will be paid up until 30 June 2019. The membership fee is $33.00 including GST.


You can pay by credit card through the PayPal gateway using the button link below. If you don’t have a PayPal Account scroll down to the credit card payment option on the PayPal site. You can also pay by bank transfer- see below. You can find out more about the organisation, its aims, and current Board of Directors by going to the About Us page on the website.

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