Brescia Declaration for Universal Design

The Brescia Declaration for Universal Design is a working draft until the end of October 2022. Have your say on this international document by using this template.

The Declaration is a statement of the state of play in universal design and the need to progress the concepts further. It is written in the context of the recent pandemic and how this has highlights the gaps in equity and inclusion. The Declaration is on the downloads page of the UD2022 conference website. Organisations that agree with the final Declaration can show their support by providing their logo.

The document was drafted by Ger Craddock, Chief Executive, Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in Ireland. It was presented at the latest Universal Design Conference in Italy – UD2022.

Papers from the conference are open access and can be downloaded from the conference website.

Lavender coloured banner for the UD2022 Conference in Brescia.

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