Happier working from home

Being forced to work from home during a pandemic is very different to choosing this mode of work. The pandemic showed us that we could work from home successfully and employees want it to continue. This is the outcome of some recent research shows many people are happier working from home. And for some, working from home is the only real option.

“While some of the health evidence about working from home is mixed, overall it shows giving workers the flexibility to choose to work from home can be good for their physical and mental health.”

A woman sits in front of a laptop with a cup of coffee nearby. She is working from home.

An article in The Conversation explains the subtle but important differences working from home makes to peoples lives. Time saved in the commute means more time for short active trips. Researchers found that snacking increased, but the quality of the snacks improved. Mental health improved when employees were supported by colleagues and the organisation. Concerns over team work, connection and attachment mean that a hybrid model works well.

Good for some, necessary for others

Workers with disability favour working from home for obvious reasons. Not having to worry about access to transport, the built environment, and workplace design. When you factor in the fatigue and pain experienced during a commute the benefits are compounded. But it’s not just people with physical disabilities that benefit. People who are neurodiverse are better able to manage their health conditions as well.

Women, especially mothers and caregivers, reported improved wellbeing. The added flexibility enabled them to balance paid employment with unpaid caregiving.

Giving employees the choice to work from home at least some of the time during the week is a step forward in the equity stakes. Flexibility gives people with disability of any age the opportunity to compete more equitably with others. And it’s not all one-sided – employers benefit too.

The title of the article is, Working from home can make us healthier and happier

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