How many steps at the Sydney Opera House?

A page from the Sydney Opera House theatre access guide showing the steps to and from the Joan Sutherland Theatre. How many steps.From the Editor: The Sydney Opera House has removed this guide from it’s website. I am waiting for the Opera House to let me know if they have an update. Meanwhile, the picture gives the basic information on steps at the Sydney Opera House. 


The guide to the number of steps in various paths of travel throughout the venue is to be updated now that the renovations are complete. The aim is to help patrons decide which seats are best to book for the greatest convenience. It also helps with traversing such a large building, especially if you are not familiar with it. 

Accessibility information about performances and getting there is on their website. There are lots of good photos to show what the different areas of the House look like. There are four videos of journeys or pathways to different locations within the Opera House. 

Editor’s note: It would be interesting to know how many other venues in Australia have this type of guide – not just a standard access guide, which is usually for wheelchair users, people who are blind or have low vision, or are deaf or hard of hearing. Knowing how far you have to walk and how many steps is important for non wheelchair users and people accompanying wheelchair users.

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