Landcom Guidelines: Universal Housing Design

Front cover of the Landcom Universal Housing Design GuidelinesThis set of guidelines was published in 2008, but the information is as relevant today as it was when first published. The designs were well researched and there are sample plans for all types of dwellings. Costings were included in the design process and they found that if these features are considered at the outset of the design, the additional cost, if any, is minimal. 

You can download  the Universal Housing Design Guidelines as a Handbook or quick reference Factsheet from this site. Apart from key design features it has a section on model houses – single and double storey detached homes. These Guidelines formed the underpinnings of the Livable Housing Design Guidelines (Silver and Gold levels) in 2012.

Note: these Guidelines are no longer on the Landcom website. They have been archived in Trove (The National Library of Australia), but as of January 2020 they could not be found. 

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