Latest bathroom trends include universal design

Front cover of Houzz bathroom trends study 2021.Renovations are an important part of the home building industry. In the United States there’s a push for older homeowners to consider designs for staying put as they age. And it appears this is working – but usually well after the renovations are needed. The latest bathroom trends are moving to larger bathrooms and a desire for comfort and function.

The 2021 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study updates their 2018 report. Buried within the 2021 report is a section on renovations for “special needs”. However, homeowners are not planning in advance and then leaving it too long before committing to the renovation. Increasing bathroom size was another important trend. 

“More than half of homeowners (54%) say the bathroom renovation is addressing household members’ special needs.”

“Nearly three-quarters of renovators (71%) report that those special needs had developed one to two years before the renovation.” 

“One in 5 homeowners (21%) increased the size of their bathroom either somewhat or significantly, and 6% changed their bathroom location altogether. Half of all renovating homeowners (50%) increased their shower size.”

Both the 2021 and 2018 studies have information on other aspects of style, such as incorporating plants, soaking tubs and natural light. Bidets are also increasing in popularity along with other premium features.

The 2018 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study is a comprehensive report that has some interesting statistics about the age at which people might start thinking of their future needs and doing something about it. It also shows what they are actually doing in terms of renovation design. An interesting and easy to read study which supports the idea that these features should be designed into the home in the first place. It also features bathroom products and fittings.

Accessible bathroom fittings

hewi dementia bathroomHewi is a company based in Germany has a range of bathroom fixtures and fittings that are accessible and good looking. Their aim is to design for comfort and convenience. They have a range that has a focus on dementia. More accessibility solutions are available on the Hewi website

Reece omvivo essential basinReece, Caroma and Hewi have updated their catalogues to online only and the dementia options are no longer listed in a separate catalogue. 

Bathroom fittings are under regular review and fashions change quickly. Search under keywords such as “care” or “support” for assistive designs.


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