Liveable Homes Guide from WA

Three photos in one block showing a bathroom, a bedroom and a kitchenThe market failure in rolling out basic access features in all new homes has spawned a series of guides by different government authorities in attempts to encourage progress. The West Australian guide to liveable homes is basically promoting the same design features as the Livable Housing Design Guidelines that were agreed by COAG and the housing and construction industry in 2010. However, this web tool offers more technical information.

This web resource has CAD images, house plans, checklists, a photo gallery, technical specifications, and other useful links. The floor plans cover differing frontage widths from 7.5m to 17m lots. The checklists have essential criteria and desirable criteria listed.  You can also download the full manual in one document.

You can find other housing design guidelines under the built environment tab in the left hand menu of this website.