Remembering to be dementia-friendly

A yellow notepad with the word Remember. Here are some good resources for considering people with dementia in designs. The topic of dementia can also include people with acquired brain injury and other cognitive conditions at any age. They’ve been collected from this website for ready reference.Too many good publications are soon forgotten after their launch.

Dementia Friendly Homes – an app from Dementia Australia.

Designing Homes with Dementia in Mind – research from Aalborg University.

Dementia Friendly Assessment Tool – a community assessment tool.

Dementia Friendly Home Design – this one from Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in Ireland – very well researched.

Dementia friendly hospitals from a universal design approach – another from Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in Ireland.

Exploring Technology, Design and Dementia – PhD thesis from Canada 

Improving the lives of people with dementia through urban design – case studies from UK and published in the Journal of Urban Design and Mental Health.

Enlighten: Lighting for older people and people with dementia – from a lighting specialist.