Resource for architecture students

A long flight of stairs with a handrail leading to a large concrete column. A resource for architecture students.
Note the left hand rail leads into the column

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance created a video of all the access problems at a new student learning centre. The Alliance chair, David Lepofsky narrates the video which has captions. If you are looking for design examples, this is an excellent resource for architecture students and upcoming access consultants. The obstacles that sloping columns create are clearly shown in the video along with other issues.

Some aspects of the video could make a comedy sketch if they weren’t so critical to getting around the building. Elevator controls with three different messages are a case in point. The video shows everything from large scale design issues, such as the sloping columns, to the fine detail – where is the sign? Amazingly, the building won a design award.

Full version of 30 minutes is worth the watch especially if using as a teaching resource. With captions on you can watch at a faster speed. However, there is a shorter version of 12 minutes.

Shorter version of the video at 12 minutes below.


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