Rough Guide to Accessible Britain

Front cover of the guide showing a large glasshouse in a garden.The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain is a good example of how to convey information in both online and PDF formats. The guide has a map at the beginning which divides up the country into counties. A click on a county takes you to the information for that area. With 262 pages this is a convenient way to get to the information quickly.

The first few pages give an introduction and helpful tips and an explanation on how to use the guide. However, it is unclear if the guide is accessible for people who use screen readers. The descriptions tell a story of the place with lots of words. There are no Easy Read or Plain English summaries. 

The level of accessibility and amenities are coded in icons for each attraction or venue. There are links to the websites of each attraction too. The guide has more than 200 reviews on places to go on a day out. So whether you are at home or travelling, you can find activities in the local area. There are more than 200 reviews 

The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain is a great guide for anyone regardless of being “accessible”. You can view the guide online or download the PDF version. I found the PDF version easier to manage and adjust the viewing size. 

This is an interesting format for an accessible tourism guide with lots of good photos. There are links to other Rough Guides for other countries and cities. 

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