Smart Cities: Inclusive Innovation Playbook

Front cover of the Smart Cities for All Inlcusive Innovation Playbook.Smart innovations need to be inclusive and accessible and not pose additional barriers for our diverse populations. The Smart Cities for All global initiative is tackling these issues, specifically in urban environments. 

The Smart Cities for All Toolkit has a companion publication – the Inclusive Innovation Playbook. It is a collaboration between AT&T, the City of Chicago, New York City and G3ict. The Playbook focuses on five steps that cities can take to make their innovation ecosystem more inclusive: people, economic assets, infrastructure, enabling environment, and networking assets. These are the five “Plays”. 

Each of the five Plays lists actions for cities to consider, and is followed by a Playbook Checklist. Each step is detailed and easy to follow. This Playbook is a must for urban planners, transport planners, public safety and anyone interested quality of life and inclusion for all citizens. It’s time to take action to minimise the digital divide.


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