Tourism for All Manual

Front page of document showing a pathway between large trees.Accessible Tourism for All: An Opportunity Within our Reach gives an overview of the corresponding Manual on Accessible Tourism for All. There are five separate modules. Module 1 gives a definition and context for accessible tourism. Module 5 provides principles, tools and good practice examples. The other three modules were not found in a search of the UN World Tourism Organization website. There is a companion module, Public-Private Partnerships and Good Practices, which has a European focus. It covers sporting events, transportation, parks and gardens as well as heritage sites with lots of examples.

The 65 page Module 1 is easy to read. There is something for everyone involved in tourism, major events, heritage sites and attractions. Three infographics from the text, and shown below, tell the tourism story at a glance: 1. How Tourism for All is configured; 2. Beneficiaries of accessibility in tourism; and 3. The world’s most populous nations by 2050. 

Chart showing how accessible tourism is one of the three pillars of tourism for all.

Chart showing the various beneficiaries of accessible tourism

Chart showing global population growth 2017-2050. India then China top the list.

Accessibility Toolbar