Universal design in the kitchen

Picture shows a kitchen in timber tones. There is an island bench with an induction cooktop. Drawers replace cupboardsThe Center for Real Life Design at Virginia Tech renovated two kitchens to incorporate many universal design features. One kitchen was designed for a multi-generational family, including an older grandparent and a child with autism spectrum disorder. The second was planned as a multifamily kitchen. The Center’s webpage has an article that explains the design features. Several pictures show what was achieved. The first part of the article is focused on the Centre itself, but further into the article there are detailed explanations.

Julia Beamish also published an academic article on this project that can be accessed from Ingenta Connect: Real Life Design: A Case Study in Universal Design. You can also access on ResearchGate and ask for a copy.

A related article by Sandra Hartje, also available through Ingenta Connect, is Universal Design Improves the Quality of Life for Individuals, Families and Communities. It is more about why it is important for families and communities to design universally rather than how to design.