Users know what works best

A woman holds a tablet with a map on the screen, She is standing in the street.Users of digital technology are clear about what works and what doesn’t. This is one of the conclusions in a research report by G3ict and Knowbility. Survey questions included listing the top three most useful mobile features, and the most desirable functions that need to be improved. Questions about ability to use apps such as those for maps, banking, hotels and travel were also included. This is an in-depth look at the way users interact with digital technology in everyday life, with lots of ideas for improvement from users. Some of the key points in the conclusions are:

    1. Users are clear about what’s working and what’s not
    2. Accessibility innovation does have a positive impact
    3. Barriers due to lack of alternative modes of communication remain a leading source of concern
    4. A list of some of the most impactful accessibility innovations
    5. Perception of the value of digital accessibility features was high 
    6. Cognitive accessibility is an area of great opportunity for innovation

The title of the report is, The Impact of Digital Accessibility Innovations on Users’ Experience. Download from the G3ict website via another link, or directly from this website.


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