Universal Design and Visitability: from Accessibility to Zoning

universal design and visitability front coverThis publication contains a chapter on page 97 by Olav Bringa. His work is the forerunner to the landmark document “Norway Universally Designed by 2025”.  It gives an overview of the change processes needed to bring about a change in attitude from inclusion being a “social services job” to “everyone’s job”.

Other chapters cover different areas and are also interesting to read. Although it was published in 2007, most topics are still current due to the slow movement on the issues. Included within the 9 chapters are: The Seven Principles of Universal Design in Planning Practice; Universal Design in Transportation; and Inclusive Housing and Neighbourhood Design. Download the publication here.

Download Norway Universally Designed by 2025



Urban Street Design Guide – Book Review

Journal of Planning coverBook reviews can provide useful information in their own right. The link to this review in the Journal of Planning, Education and Research only gives the first page as the full version requires library access or payment to access. However, it provides sufficient insights to the book to show that this is a comprehensive guide for anyone involved in street design.



Sustainable Traffic Signal Development

This article from the US describes the complexity of traffic signal design and installation. It includes a mention of the principles of universal design for future design innovations and states: “Agencies should be seeking solutions that benefit as many sectors of society as possible, thus making the end solution more sustainable. Using “Universal Design” design principles, wheelchair ramps not only benefit those in wheelchairs, but those with minor disabilities, aging pedestrians who have limited mobility, and parents pushing strollers. Thus, applications like heating ramps in areas that have freezing temperatures can be thought of as a universal solution aiding as many users of the signalized intersection as possible.” Go to this link to read this informative article.


Universal Design and Transport

UD-logo-200x200Liz Reedy discusses how many developed countries have incorporated requirements of universal design in their laws and regulations. This presentation will compare and contrast progress made in Australia with other developed countries and discuss how Australia can improve its transport systems to be more inclusive. The recent upgrades to several railway stations in Sydney were used to engage audience participation.

Liz Reedy presentation slideshow  PDF  2 MB