Being smart – using apps lifewide

Teaching with smartphone appsThis is a chapter from Smart Learning  by Andrew Middleton.  It considers the range of smart apps being used by teachers and students and how they form a personalised technological environment which crosses and erodes previously established boundaries between leisure, study, work and home. Drawing on the results of a survey of academic app usage, it looks at a selection of key apps and how they support academic practice.   A small survey of academics showed how some people personalise their device more than others.

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Web accessibility techniques

ictFrom the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in Ireland

While accessibility guidelines are essential for setting, examining and referencing a desired level of accessibility, they can be cumbersome to use for anyone other than auditors or other accessibility professionals. The information in this section provides practical advice and direction for anyone involved in web development, design and content. Topics covered include developing accessible data tables, using colour wisely, and writing well structured content.  

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