Tourism, access and heritage

Heritage Facade of the museum showing pale yellow stone bricks a doorway and four windowsAntonio Espinosa-Ruiz, Director of Vilamuseu in Spain explains some of the detail they have applied to their heritage sites, and laments that most museum professionals do not consider accessibility as part of their work. He says that access and inclusion cannot be waived, “nothing can be done without it”. They do not adapt, that is, create something and then think how to make it inclusive, “…we design for all from the beginning”. The article has a long but descriptive title: Design for all in Vilamuseu (Villajoyosa, Spain): How we work day by day to make heritage inclusive on one of the World’s main tourist regions. The article is is somewhat wordy but there are some good examples here. Accessibility in a museum is much more than just thinking about the building – it’s making exhibits and learning available to all.

The article is from the Design for All Newsletter India.