Ageing in the right place

Front cover showing the four steps for ageing in the right place

Advocates are calling for all new homes to include universal design features, but what about current homes? How will home-owners know what to do if they decide to renovate? The My Home My Choices tool can help with ageing in the right place.

The tool has four steps: individual wants and issues; opportunities for improvement in the home and lifestyle: different options for maximising the use and value of the home; and other choices such as moving, sharing, home modifications and home support. 

This tool is easily adapted from the New Zealand model and you can also read the research behind it.  

Australian research

Front cover of the reportIf you want to know what people think about accessible housing, the findings from a 2018 survey give a good idea. There are four narratives that frame the report: the housing industry view; the government view; prospective buyers’ view; and the perspective of people who need mainstream accessible housing.

The survey was initiated by Australian Network on Universal Housing Design. It is a lengthy and detailed report. Essential reading for anyone interested in this topic or the history of this 20 year campaign. 

A poor fit between the home and what older people need can lead to unnecessary care needs, increased caregiver time and early institutionalisation.