Ageless communities win the day

Apartments in shades of grey are linked by a graded pathway to provide accessibility. Ageless communities.
Image courtesy Guy Luscombe

It’s taken a pandemic to realise that for most people aged care isn’t something they choose or want to remain in. And it won’t be in the future. But what can we do differently? A workshop led by University of Queensland and aged care providers came up with a novel idea – ageless communities. This is what older people have been asking for. The upcoming changes to home design in the building code will help people who buy/rent new homes in the future, except in NSW, SA and WA. So it’s time to re-think aged care design. 

A workshop run by The University of Queensland found that people wanted a real home with a real front door. So large institutional models are no longer in favour. Another key theme was staying put and bringing services to the home. 

Micro communities linked to the wider community are a good alternative. Homes with front doors on public streets are good for any age if the homes are designed appropriately.

The University of Queensland project also responds in part to the Royal Commission into Aged Care. Small home models were one of the recommendations.

The article is titled Smaller ageless communities predicted for care design.