Easy English and COVID-19

A page from the guide on retirement money.The coronavirus pandemic has produced a lot of information about the many changes to the way we do things. Many sources of information are available, but are they designed with everyone in mind? This is where Easy English and Easy Read have a very important role to play. Easy English and Easy Read are based on the fact that 44% of the population has low literacy skills. It is not specifically for people with intellectual disability. This requires content designed specifically for this group. So we are talking mainstream.
Cathy Basterfield has developed several free Easy English versions of important information. As well as the obvious stay home messages, Cathy has blog content on schools, money, and jobkeeper rules. Here are some links to the money information that can be downloaded from her site:

      1. A page from the guide on $750.Retirement money
      2. Help for retired people
      3. Help for apprentices and trainees
      4. You get a pension now
      5. You lost your job
      6. Who gets $750? 

This is only a fraction of her offerings. There’s rules for nursing homes, time to clean, lockdown, washing hands and much more. She has a blog page that explains Easy English and Easy Read if you want to know more. 

Editor’s note: Even as a person with good literacy skills, I find Easy English a quick and easy way to understand the key points. I think much of the confusion in the community is due to politicians and others using lots of words when fewer would do, and speaking quickly. When journalists ask questions of politicians they add to the confusion because the politician says the same thing again only using different words.