Inclusive credit card design

Image showing the three different notch shapes on the Mastercard inclusive credit card design.The new card design by Mastercard has taken account of people who are blind. It is a classic example of a small design change making a huge difference. And it’s all achieved by cutting a shape on the edge of the card. There are three types of card: credit, debit and prepaid. So there are three different notches. The inclusive credit card design is called the Touch Card. 

      • Credit cards have a round notch
      • Debit cards have a broad square notch
      • Prepaid cards have a triangle notch

The design has received the approval of The Royal National Institute of Blind Persons in the UK.

Mastercard is also embedding its signature melody at checkout counters. The sound confirms the transaction has gone through – especially handy for people with vision impairment.

Mastercard also introduced the True Name card designed to support transgender and non-binary communities. 

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