Livability Fact Sheets – Myths and Success Stories

Front page of AARP fact sheets showing the list of contentsAARP, the association for retirees in America, is very pro-active in the area of liveability. They have produced a set of Livability Fact Sheets. The goal is to help towns, cities and communities to become safe, healthier, more walkable and overall livable for people of all ages. There are eleven four page fact sheets which include bicycle use and lanes, density, economic development, parking, footpaths, street trees and traffic calming.

The complete collection of Fact Sheets is downloadable from the AARP website. Each one has a first page that gives an overview, Myth-Busting is tackled on the second, the third is How to Get it Right, and the fourth page, Success Stories. A practical and pragmatic set of Fact Sheets to suit a variety of users. It is also available in Spanish.