Panel Session: Universal Design – Everyone, Everywhere

UD-logo-200x200Participants in this panel session at the Universal Design Conference were Kathryn Greiner (perspective of older people), Nikke Gladwin (perspective of children), and Mark Relf (perspective of people with disability). The session was chaired by Andrew Buchanan.

Panel Session Day 2 Transcript  PDF

Panel Session Day 2 Transcript Word

Kathryn Greiner Presentation Synopsis:  The focus of Kathryn Greiner’s presentation is on older people, but also recognising what is good for older people is also good for people of all ages. Attitudes to older people need to change so that there are more inclusive behaviours by others in the community. Unfriendly or thoughtless behaviours can be a barrier to being more active and involved as we age, and this is where engagement with the private sector is critical. Also needed are toolkits and information to help people understand why behaviours need to change, and this applies particularly to the private sector so that they can benefit from the upcoming baby boomer cohort, as well as the baby boomers themselves.

Kathryn Greiner’s speaking notes PDF

Nikke Gladwin Presentation Synopsis:  Children are often forgotten in planning and neighbourhood design, yet they have a wealth of information and idea ready to be tapped, if only they are asked.  Child Friendly by Design is a projects are collaborative projects where children and young people are involved in community engagement processes for the benefit of everyone.

Mark Relf Presentation Synopsis:  The evolution of accessibility and universal design covers some fifty years and several legal instruments, standards, state planning policies, and local government ordinances.  This presentation provides a potted history of the evolution of accessibility and universal design and helps us make sense of the situation today.

Mark Relf’s Panel Presentation slides PDF 6MB

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