Systems audit for wayfinding

wayfinding-design-guidelines-department-of-housing-and-public-The Wayfinding Systems and Audit checklist provides guidance for designing wayfinding systems. Included is the application of tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI), signage and graphic communication, auditory communication, maps and more. Although it was published in 2007, most of the information remains relevant. While emerging considerations for people with dementia are not included, it is a good guide for getting started. There is a mix of Australian Standards, thoughtful design, and end user convenience. Wayfinding is often considered as just signage instead of site or building legibility. So it’s often afterthought applied to designs instead of being integrated into the design process in the early stages. 

Published by the CRC for Construction Innovation, supported by the Queensland Government. The CRC came to an end in 2009. The Australian Standard for Wayfinding (AS1428.4.2) was updated in 2019.

The Victorian Department of Health also has a useful wayfinding checklist for hospitals and health facilities.