Persistence, Policy and Research

Parliament House, Canberra Australia facade.How well can evidence influence policy? Evidence can sometimes be an inconvenient political truth. This situation is frustrating for researchers and advocates alike. A few tips could help. Ten things to know about how to influence policy with research provides some helpful guidance. 

    1. Know what you want to influence – be clear about the policy issue
    2. Find out who you want to influence – who has the power?
    3. Consider when to influence
    4. Build relationships and networks
    5. Policy development is not a linear process
    6. Policy making is inherently political
    7. Plan your engagement
    8. Focus on idea and be propositional – be constructive
    9. It takes time, stick at it
    10. Monitor, learn and adjust along the way
    11. There are links to other useful references for researchers

Seems persistence is the key – don’t give up, says David McDonald. The 10 things to know was developed by the Overseas Development Institute based on years of experience. Find out more about the ten things. Here at CUDA, we are remaining persistent about implementing universal design everywhere.

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