The world comfortable for all

Drawings of 12 different people indicating population diversity. It is a screenshot of the video- the world comfortable for allThere are never too many ways to explain universal design. Different people understand it in different ways. So here is another to add to the collection. Made in Ukraine with English subtitles, it explains the classic 7 Principles of Universal Design in simple terms. The message is that universal design makes the world comfortable for all. 

The video covers people at home, in public transport, in the street, at an airport, at a computer, at the entrance door and in the parking space. “Universal Design is the design of anything (city, service, thing) to make the experience of using it comfortable for anyone”.

A great little video for anyone new to universal design, or for others wanting to share their understanding. It’s 2 minutes long and great for education purposes. 

The  United Nations supported the making of the video. It was created in the framework of the joint Programme “Promoting Mainstream Policies and Services for People with Disabilities in Ukraine”. 

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