UD in Housing: Good for Everyone

Part of the front cover of the Livable Housing Design GuidelinesWhy are we still building homes as if we never going to grow old? This question and others are the subject of a Building Connection magazine article about the purpose of Livable Housing Australia and their design guidelines. These guidelines, devised by industry and other stakeholders, clearly state that universal design features are easily included in regular housing and don’t need to be considered “special” just because they suit people who are older or have a disability. That’s because the features are convenient and easy to use for everyone. But why hasn’t the idea caught on in mainstream housing?  More than half Australian households would benefit from these features. That’s because If you add together the number of older people, people with disability and those with a chronic health conditions, it comes to more than 60%. The title of the magazine article on page 42 is, We ain’t getting any younger.  

See also the Australian Building Codes Board’s Options Paper on accessible housing and the subsequent report in preparation for a Regulation Impact Statement. CUDA’s submission gets a few mentions in the report.

Editor’s note: The article was written by yours truly, Jane Bringolf