Camp Manyung and universal design

a person in a wheelchair is on the flying fox highlighting universal design at Camp Manyung.
Cloudrider on zipline

This excellent video shows how the application of universal design principles throughout the design of the camp facilities can bring about the inclusiveness that is the aim of universal design. Universal design principles are applied to camp activities, and staff attitudes. There’s definitely universal design at Camp Manyung.

The camp is run by YMCA on behalf of Sport and Recreation Victoria that also has a Design for Everyone Guide. The video below explains more about Camp Manyung. 

There is no legislation within Australia to guide the design of sporting or leisure activities that enable participation by everyone at a level that suits them. Universal Design: Integrating the Principles into Camp Activities outlines ways in which environments, activities and programs within residential camps can be used by everyone. It shows how to apply universal design to all aspects of camp activities.

Wheelchair users enjoying the inclusive camp high ropes activity.

Sport and Recreation Victoria and YMCA have made this report available to increase awareness and applicability of universal design in residential camps. The image shows how anyone can enjoy the flying fox on the “Skyrider”.  See also Universal Design: Camps & Consultation

Sport and Recreation Victoria have embraced the principles of universal design to make all their camps and activities inclusive. The accessible high ropes course shows that anything is possible.

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