Universal Design: Camps and consultation

Universal Design Conference logo.Poster presentation by Cathryn Grant

Poster abstract: The Victorian Government (Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure) owns five camp sites across Victoria, Australia. Each camp is uniquely located and provides accommodation, meals and sporting and recreation activities for groups. A government policy requires that the camps implement universal design. This aims to ensure that the widest range of users are considered in the camp activities, the built environment and overall activity programs.  Universal design involves the “design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without adaptation or specialized design” and it is recognized that consultation with users will assist in achieving universal design. The poster presents the camps’ current practices and policies in consulting with users, the local community and other relevant parties. This was evaluated against evidence from the literature regarding best practice for consultation/participation concerning universal design. Recommendations for new processes and practices are also be presented.

Cathryn Grant Poster Presentation PDF 8MB

Cathryn Grant now works for an access consultancy and is involved in a UD project with Deakin University.