Economics of Inclusion: Transcript of session

Picture shows Mandy at her stenographer machine composing the live captioning at the conferenceThe Universal Design Conference ended with a very popular panel session discussing the economics of inclusion. A brief rundown was provided last newsletter, and now the transcript is available. The transcript, with some minor edits, presents four different perspectives: property development, marketing, politics, and event management. There were many questions from delegates and these are also included. The panellists gave great examples and statistics to promote the economic argument and some take-home messages. The session was chaired by Nick Rushworth, and Mandy was the captioner (pictured).

Kelly Vincent and Paul Nunnari sit behind a table on the stage ready for the Panel session
Kelly Vincent, Paul Nunnari

Panel Members were Ms Ro Coroneos, Lendlease; Ms Sally Coddington, Curb Cut Effect; The Hon Kelly Vincent MLC, South Australia; and Mr Paul Nunnari, Department of Premier and Cabinet (NSW).

Download the complete transcript in Word or in PDF.  

Download separately by speaker: Ro Coroneos, Sally Coddington, Kelly Vincent, Paul Nunnari, and the Q&A Session.

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