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The aim of universalising design is to create a more inclusive world. Universal Design, as an endeavour in its own right, is being used internationally as a vehicle for bringing about wholesale change in design thinking throughout the design process so that all people are considered regardless of age, capability, or background.

Universal design is a design concept not a design product. The principles of universal design can be applied to concrete things like products, buildings and open spaces, to intellectual activities such as designing learning programs, and to conceptual things such as policies and practices.


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Title of course: introduction to universal design, yellow and orange blurred coloured background with dark blue text.From the Editor: We are very pleased to see the number of people signing up to our free online course, Introduction to Universal Design. Regardless of your level of understanding, why not give it a go? We’ve tried to make it fun as well as informative. Let us know what you think. After all, the basis of universal design is about the users and what works and what doesn’t. We are planning new courses for next year – your ideas are welcome And if you’ve got part way through the course, get yourself to the end for that certificate! Jane Bringolf.


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Centre for Universal Design Australia Ltd

Ger Craddock at the lectern with the captioning screen behind himAt the close of the inaugural universal design conference in 2014 there was a call from delegates to set up a centre for universal design in Australia. In the final panel session  “Where to from Here”, Ageing and Disability Commissioner The Hon Susan Ryan spoke passionately for it, along with other members of the panel. Kathryn Greiner AO, Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing, also added her support. This website was the first step.

The second step was to set up a not-for-profit organisation. That step has now been completed with the minimum three founding directors. There are five more positions on the board to be filled and the call for expressions of interest is now open. People passionate about universal design in all its forms are invited to submit. There will be two main tasks for the board: to oversee the governance of the organisation, and to seek funds and support. All tasks will need to be carried out voluntarily by board members until such time as we can employ staff. To be clear, there is no money as yet for travel for face to face meetings. The number and timing of meetings and operational tasks will be decided by the board members once they are appointed. The call for expressions of interest will close 12 September 2016. 

An announcement about the establishment of the Centre and call for expressions of interest will be made at the 2nd Australian Universal Design Conference on the afternoon of 31 August 2016. 

For more about selection criteria and other information download the document in Word or download in PDF. Please feel free to circulate through your networks.

Picture shows Dr Ger Craddock, Chief Officer, Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in Ireland speaking as a member of the final panel session.

Jane Bringolf, Editor


Accessible Design in Australia

Accessible Design in Australia 1999 front coverThis document was produced as a result of a group of passionate people believing in the benefit of setting up an Access Institute in Australia. They consulted widely and held two symposia, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. The document sought further comment, particularly from people with disability. For various reasons, the project ended at this point and no further action was taken. However, soon afterwards a small group, led by Dr Max Murray, started the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia (ACAA). Centre for Universal Design Australia has picked up the threads to follow through on the aim of having a central point for creating an inclusive Australia. Download the 1999 discussion paper in PDF: Accessible Design in Australia: A national approach for an integrated future.