UD in Australian Housing: The story so far

With the announcement of Specialist Disability Accommodation funding, the state of housing design is once again being discussed. This funding is aimed towards individuals as part of the NDIS program to ensure participants have appropriate accommodation. The funding program will not in itself … Continue reading

Sport and Recreation Infrastructure

One more presentation is available from the UD Conference held in Sydney. Evan Wilkinson: Design for Everyone Guide. The Guide is practical, free to use and caters for a range of design skills and backgrounds. The Victorian Government makes universal design principles a key part of their … Continue reading

Universal Design Conference Presentations #2

Last week I posted seven of the available presentations. Here are another five. Cobie Moore: Aesthetics, Design and Disability.  Cobie wants to see more thought going into the designs of some basic assistive technologies, such as pen grippers and walking frames. Designers fail to consider the … Continue reading

Economics of Inclusion: Transcript of session

The Universal Design Conference ended with a very popular panel session discussing the economics of inclusion. A brief rundown was provided last newsletter, and now the transcript is available. The transcript, with some minor edits, presents four different perspectives: property development, … Continue reading