Universal Design in Tourism – Put the kettle on!

UD-logo-200x200Edited transcript from live captioning of John Evernden‘s presentation.

Synopsis: John outlines some of the simple things that can make travel and touring more inclusive and convenient for everyone, and how simple things such as being able to fit the electric jug under the tap at the hand basin are important considerations for everyone.

John Evernden Presentation transcript PDF

John Evernden Presentation transcript Word

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Utilising UD on ‘Soft Infrastructure’ in Tourism

UD-logo-200x200Utilising Universal Design on “Soft Infrastructure” for Competitive Advantage and Greater Economic Returns

Edited transcript from live captioning of Bill Forrester’s presentation.

Synopsis: This presentation explains the importance of customer service in tourism and that many tourist now and in the future have a disability and many more will be ageing.  Gearing up as in industry in Australia has been slow and there are missed opportunities. Bill uses examples from overseas to show how we can improve the design of tourism opportunities.

Bill Forrester Presentation transcript PDF

Bill Forrester Presentation transcript Word

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Accessible motel bathroom

Motel ToiletI was once apologetically offered an “accessible room” as it was the last one left for the night. While I did not require the features of an accessible room, it was very functional with an attractive finish in keeping with the style of the rest of the motel rooms. While the shower area did look a bit institutional, it was nonetheless functional – the extra circulation space is also convenient for people who are ambulant.

However, the shower head would be too high for a wheelchair user, and there is now discussion about the function of a wall mounted shower seat for wheelchair users who use a shower chair.

Motel Shower

Motel Vanity Basin






There is one other key factor that is often forgotten in all motel rooms – being able to get the electric jug under the basin tap to fill it.


Customer Engagement in Tourism Services

“Universal Design for Customer Engagement Toolkit” provides comprehensive best practice guidance on achieving better customer communication.

In 2013, Irish Standard (I.S.) 373:2013 ‘Universal Design for customer engagement in tourism services’ was published by NSAI, the National standards Authority of Ireland.

This Toolkit has been developed to help you apply the guidance provided in the standard. It provides you with practical and useful guidance on how to use Universal Design as a tool for better engaging with your customers.

Go to the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (Ireland) website to download the toolkit